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I previously was salesman at Elgin Toyota and everything being commented about this dealeship is true. The problem however does not lie in the salesmen. For the most part the salesman are good men and women but they are FORCED to do unscrupulous things under the direction of Bob Ellis. The problem is Bob Ellis the GM. The little troll with glasses at the managers desk. Everyone that works for this man hates him with a passion. Not one person at Elgin Toyota respects this individual. Nothing and I mean nothing happens at this dealership without his ok. His only concern is getting you to part with your money and he will do and say anything to get you to sign a contract. He will then hide behind his lawyers when you have a problem or issue. He is a liar, manipulator, and a bully. You cannot trust him any further than you can throw him. He threatens his sales people with emotional, financial, and social ruin on a daily basis. Look in the sales peoples eyes when you get there. They have the 1,000 yard stare usually associated with people who have suffered PTSD. Bob Locquercio is the store owner, Mega millionaire, and he is responsible for this. All of the salesman and women are starting to organize to get rid of this tird (B.E.) I worked there for 2 years I made life long friends but regrettably had to quit because I could no longer stomach the daily abuse and allegations of misconduct that are spurious lies and completely untrue. I can prove it. One year later, 11/18/09, I went to visit my friend there because I need a car. I was there 5 min. when Bob Ellis came up to me, rudely interrupted us as to why I was there, and promptly thru me out because he is holding a grudge from 1 YEAR AGO. He said that I owed him $1000 for a car another employee smashed I stood up to him and quit because of his lack of ethics and unwillingness to seak out or listen to the truth. He then sent me an email that said that he was getting an order of no contact against me and that I was not to contact him, the store, or his family. Mind you I have NEVER threatened this man in any way shape or form Ever. I was actually at his store to buy a car from my buddy. Read the back and forth email below to get an idea of what really is going on behind those beedy little eyes of his.


To: *****

Date: Wed, Nov 18, 2009 10:59 pm

*****, i am sorry life has been so difficult for you, i am sorry that your jealous that i have a good job and a wonderful family and you have neither. you are filled with hate and it obviously holds you back considering you have accomplished nothing thus far in life. jealousy and envy will get you no where,try to be a good honest person like myself and maybe good things will happen for you like they have for me.oh, and by the way your not a salesman, did you forget you have been thrown out of every dealership you have worked for cause you are completely incompetant. one last thing, based on your obvious disdain for me i will be going to the police to get a no contact order for the protection of my family against you. If you try to contact me or anyone in my family ever again i will have you arrested. So much as a phone call or an email or if you come near my work or home and i promise you the police will be involved.

get well,

Bob Ellis

***** smashed that tire picking ***** up from the city. ***** gave the car to Johnny to pick up *****. When the car came back it was conspicuously missing that hubcap. He even had to pay > for it. Ask *****, *****, *****, or *****. There was > a meeting and a fight about it in the service department but you > dont know anything about that did you? They'll tell you. But you wouldnt know that because nobody wants to tell you *** there. There is a serious communication problem there. One way if you will. You dont give a *** about anyone, hence, nobody gives a *** about you or what you have to say. Nobody respects you and they never will (every single employee you have). Elgin Toyota reaks of your disdain and your reputation preceeds you. Everyone I know in the industry knows who you are and they dont want anything to do with you or your employees. Do you even realize you martyrd me when you named the disaster recovery fund after me. Immortality is awesome. Did you see how they ALL came to say hello to me this evening even though I supposedly cost them all money on EVERY paycheck. What a good feeling. They know the truth. Cant hide that. That was the best $1000 I never spent. I will go to my dying breath steering every prospective customer and anyone that will listen away from every Locquercio store just for you. I am a salesman talking to 100's of people a week all of the NW chicagoland area. How many times do you think I have to tell people the same story befor it starts to stick out there. Once. It is the car biz. Everyone loves to hate the car biz. Do you know how good it felt to get thrown out tonight. I still > bother you! : )

P.S. There is a reason the sales manager to your left (he doesnt > want to work for you) didnt get the job at Arlington Toyota and I > think you know what it is. You're *** it up for everyone.

P.P.S Feel free to give me a call if you would like to discuss these > matters further.

Believe me when I say jealousy is the last thing I have for this tyrant. And I was never thrown out of any job. I quit because I was sick of it. I was a top earner always in the top 10 sales people. Bob Ellis is the epitome of old school car ***. It is hard to believe in this current business climate that anyone would employee someone of this character as the face of there business let alone treat customers the way he does. Elgin Toyota has slipped in its rankings the last 3 years to stores that couldnt even compete and it directly correlates to his reign of terror. I am here to stick up for the good men and women who work there. Unfortunately he is screwing it up for everyone and they all hate him for it. Feel free to call there and ask any salesmen what they thing of Bob Ellis. In fact. Call other Toyota stores in the area and ask. Everyone knows who he is and they dont want anything to do with him. Stay away from this store at all cost. His ethics will leave you swinging in the wind with out a pot to *** in or a window to throw it out of. Being that a car purchase is the second biggest purchase most make you will want to trust the contractual nature of the purchase to someone who will take good care of you.

P.S. Your deposit on a car doesnt mean anything. He is not obligated to do what he says. It is a ploy to get you to come back again and again because you dont want to loose you down payment. It only gives you the right to 1st refusal of purchase

Monetary Loss: $15000.

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Not Buying from HERE!!!

WOW!!! I just search the web to find a dealership and wanted to shop at Elgin Toyota to get the new Corolla S, but reading this is giving me 2nd thoughts.

I can't be how that GM would treat his employees is the way he did. Such #Scandalous.

I will take my business elsewhere.


I'm a little confused. If Bob Ellis were such a terrible manager/person, and his employees were so miserable, then wouldn't that be reflected in their job performance??

There is something to be said for the 16 years they have won the Toyota Presidents Award....

and under Bobs direction, for the last 6 years, I might add. Just food for thought for those of you reading this guys rants.


last ... signed Bobs mom


seems like only *** high school kids working at this dealership. i didnt even go there yet i just read the *** reviews. Be professional


LOL...Anonymous how ridiculous is that. If somebody had something so nice to say about a person they would gladly use their name, that is if there was another person. Sure sounds like he wrote about himself to me.


wow druggie owner


Dear anonymous (Bob),

You clearly have a vested interest in sucking up to Bob. Are you Bob yourself? Coward! Come out and stick up for yourself like a man . Still hiding behind persons, places, and things aren’t you. Your writing is characteristically reflective of his poor grammar and inability to spell, let alone the fact it mirrors part of our back and forth emails that nobody else saw. I saved and have them as undeniable evidence. Interesting or telling? I am clearly still renting space in your head. Good! You can try to pretend all you want but the truth will prevail. We all know who and what you are. You are a liar and a thief. Being hard working doesn't validate a shallow moral constitution by any means. You would steal the gold out of your mother's teeth if you felt it would endear you to Bob Loquercio's good graces. By the way, when I contacted B.L. about Bob Ellis’ actions, he said that it had nothing to do with him or his store! Im pretty sure B.L.’s signature is at the bottom B.E.’s contract. I saved that email too. I heard he wasn't happy with you or these postings. BIG MEETING right? I haven't worked there for a year and am changing things. I helped one employee escape. I told you, you are losing more employees. Its killing you to know who they are isn't it? Four more are plotting there exits right now! One of my friends listed below was planning to quit and telling people about it and you fired him instead didn't you? He was your best salesman too wasn't he? No discipline issues, #1 salesman!, and a new father and you slit his throat didn't you? Back pedaling is very dangerous. You can't see where you're going. Frightening isn't it? You can try to save your job/reputation all you want but the fact of the matter is you have embarraced BL and you and him know it, and everything you are doing to repair the damage you have created is creating more people like me. Keep it up. I could use the help. Your time is short there and know that wherever you go I will be there too, watching and waiting. Your name is mud and I will make sure that everyone from now on knows it. You are a thief and a liar. Its funny being called a known drug user by Bob Ellis an admitted alcoholic who couldn't cut it in Alcoholics Anonymous and quit. Is it because AA expects an alcoholic car guy to be unwaveringly honest? Probably. I’ve created a hotmail account to organize disaffected and mistreated customers and employees alike. Please feel free to contact me at and let us organize to show that little people in big groups are what really makes the world turn. See me at mistreatedatelgintoyta at Facebook coming soon. The worlds single greatest forum for organizing social networkers. Let us see how the "fine" management at Elgin Toyota feels about unhappy employees and customers spilling on about ALL the sordid details. If you are in need of a new vehicle, go see Marty at Arlington Toyota, Kevin at St. Charles Toyota, or Brent at Paully Toyota, my good friends, where they have an honest to god culture of taking care of their customers. Anybody looking to leave E.T. should go to Arlington Toyota where they are taking phenomenal care of their customers and employees alike. They want to recruit you immediately! Brand new, beautiful facility with all the amenities that happy customers and good employees have come to appreciate about good car stores. The GM over there was suppose to replace Bob Ellis but was mistreated by Loquercio and wants to help you now!

P.S. Thank you for the fuel to continue the good fight. I had fatigued on this soap boxing but am now revitalized.



I personally know Bob Ellis very well and can tell you afew things for certain. First of all he is probably the hardest working indinidual in not only the car business but any current industry and has been for the last 12 years.

When a man works as hard as he does and is as good at his job as he is he simply expects the same out of his employees and rightfully so. And I can tell you first hand having worked for Bob Ellis in the past that the employees who show the work ethic, intelligance and persistance that he has get the utmost respect and kindness from Bob Ellis. Ultimitely the person writing posting these articles smashing Bob Eliis has a undeserved sense of entitlement and anyone who knows anything about phcyschology would see that within the first few lines he has written. Not to mention the person poeting these thingd about Bob Ellis is also well known to be a long time drug addict.

And most importantly for all of us to remember especially for this individual is that respect is something earned and not given and those who have not earned it should not even begin to expect it.

Bob Ellis has never asked anyone for anything and has earned everything he has on sure determination and the will to succeed and that my friends is something to be respected. Unfortunaley it is so very rare in this day and age that it may be hard to even recognize when it is so rarely seen.


Finally someone who knows talent


Bob Ellis is one of the best in the business and im proud to say i hope i've helped him in the past