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Dear Reader, please make up your mind if you want to buy a car from Elgin Toyota dealership or not! (Read on!) We visited the Elgin Toyota dealership on a sunny Saturday last week.

First, we asked to see and test two cars we've chosen from the Elgin Toyota website. To our huge surprise, both cars were sold out. Please note that one of them was confirmed by an employee of Elgin Toyota just the day prior to our visit. We've tested a few other cars and after 3 hours of negotiation we made a decision to buy a very nice 2012 Toyota Camry.

After we got home, we realized that the floor mats were missing. Called the dealer a few days later and stated that it could be an oversight. We've requested to have the floor mats that belonged to our $20,950 car. The Elgin Toyota dealer has offered us a discounted price of $110 vs.

the original $139 price for all four floor mats. Believe it or not, those floor mats were OPTIONAL based on the Elgin Toyota dealership statement! Needless to say, that we were extremely surprised and disappointed! The experience at the Elgin Toyota dealer made us feel cheated and not proud Toyota owners.

Feel free to make up your own mind if you want TO BUY OR NOT TO BUY from Elgin Toyota dealership!

…and if you really go there and buy a car from Elgin Toyota PLEASE CHECK IF THE DRIVER'S SEAT IS INCLUDED! Thanks!

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I had a similar experience at Elgin Toyota recently. I purchased a new Avalon over the phone with the Touring trim.

I did not drive or see this car before starting the paperwork as I was pressed for time. I had negotiated everything upfront over the phone. While waiting for the finance guys to get to us, we were invited back into the service area where they were prepping the car. The window sticker had already been removed.

I asked where the floor mats were and was told it didn't come with any. Imagine my surprise to learn I had purchased a $32,000 vehicle and there were NO floor mats of any kind. I was forced to order $189.00 floor mats as an add on above my agreed upon price for the car. And I still don't have them 10 days later.

I complained to a sales manager and he stated they have $73,000 Land Cruisers that don't come with mats. Really, this is the dumbest thing a dealer could do.

*** off a customer for a lousy 100 bucks, if that. ***.