Elgin, Illinois
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Update by user Oct 28, 2014

The manager contacted me, and we were able to resolve the issue!

Original review posted by user Oct 28, 2014

They treat their customers like idiots, which is very offensive! Don’t even waste your precious time going there to shop for a car. They will give you a ridiculous quote, which is thousands of dollars above the advertised price. They were advertising a car for $16,490, and I asked the salesman and the general manager several times if this was the price, and they said that whatever was on their website, that was the price. The car was listed for that same price on their website eligintoyota, cars.com and autotrader. The general manager prepared the quote, and the salesman said that in order for us to buy this car for that price, we had to certify it for $4000.

What kind of treatment is that? You can’t false advertise just to lure people in and then rise the price with another $4000 after you waste an hour of their weekend and lie for an hour that the car costs $16,490.

My advice is to go someplace else. There are plenty of Toyota dealers! And if you need to complain don’t forget about the Better Business Bureau and Illinois Attorney General, where you can file a consumer complaint.

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