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Worst Experience anyone can have at this dealership.I had the deal finalized in July before the Cash for clunkers.I gave the deposit amount and I was told that the car will be arriving in 4 weeks but with the C4C,their demand went up and they pushed the delivery of my car and atlast they called me with the VIN number.I took the insurance and went to the dealer.The dealer and a male manager wanted us to withdraw the deal as they were getting a better price with the C4C.They were adding extra charges saying that the terms were subject to change though I deposited the amount and all the term deals were final.When I was still thinking about the extra charge,they sold off the car right in front of me and asked to take my refund back.The Internet sales managers Amy and Brian who helped me with the finding the deal and were witness to the deal details din't help me at this point when I needed their help.The sales manager Ray Olson and his boss ( one of the persons who sit side by side in front of the computers at the entrance) were literally verbally abusing me and were using very mean/derogatory remarks to make me withdraw the deal which I did as I couldn't stand them.I wouldn't recommend this dealer at any cost.I also have the proof of the worksheet which has my signature and the manager(boss)signature which had all the terms outlined and they were not sticking to it when I went to pick my car.They were the most unprofessional people on this earth

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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I was searching for a Camry. I make it a point to "Certified" vehicles.I was driving by Elgin toyota and saw a Camry in the color I wanted.

I called once home. Elgin does not list their pre-owned cars on toyota certified web site. Here's why....they price the car with out certification then offer the certification at a in house cost. Problem is after I got a cert warrantee price of $1500 on the phone the same guy gave me a $2400 price when I stopped by a day later.

He was unaware I was the same customer. I called him out on the deception. He was tap dancing up a storm. Finally offered the certified warrantee for $1200.

This place reeks of old school *** artist "used car salesmen". I bought from St Charles Toyota


I went to Elgin Toyota to inguire about a car they advertised online. When I got there, the salesman quoted a price $3000 higher than what was posted online.

I asked him to check the price. When he returned, he confirmed the higher price. "BS" I thought, and left. I called the dealership later and spoke with someone else, who quoted the lower price.

I concluded that the first salesman may have intended to pocket $3000 extra commission. Interestingly, no prices are openly posted on their used cars, so they can freely manipulate prices.


Yes I have similar story. It's the same set of people.

The Internet sales managers Amy and Brian who helped me to get some quotes online & ready to help me can't be seen when it was required. Jeff is the man who got all the details as if they are going to workout a matching deal. ASfter seeing the deal details, their attitude CHANGED OPPOSITE. I have ensured by callling atleast 4 to 5 times before driving all the way.

The sales managers and his boss ( one of the persons who sit side by side in front of the computers at the entrance) were literally having different body language. They didn't even ready to call Amy/Brian forward (No face to that guy or may be they knew it upfront).

Who the heck cares if they have president plates if they can't/won't talk to customer nicely. Hope they will think about it and prepare for change of seasons.