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I brought in my wife's 2007 Camry for an engine overhaul under Toyota's warranty! (Car was burning a quart of oil every 1000 miles - Toyota ask to bring car to dealership) The car was working fine when I took it in BUT when I got it back the hood lifts were not holding the hood, the power steering hose was leaking (a lot) and the engine did not looked like it had been open. I was told they also had to replaced the valve cover gasket (believe me, I do say this lightly) It REALLY does not look like the top of the engine was ever removed! Plus the top and bottom of the engine (right where the gasket goes) is still very dirty all the way around as far as I can see; all screws seem untouched. They put 5-20 Mobile one in the car (I've been using mobile one since I purchased the car) The oil in the dip stick feels very heavy; like they used some kind of an additive! I talked to service manager Johnny and all he had to say was "This parts do wear" "I am sorry this happened" AND when I expressed my unhappiness he kept saying "I am sorry you feel this way"

A friend of mine has purchased 2 cars (SUV) from St Charles Toyota, she is happy I think I will be going there from now on!!!!

BTW. We were averaging 26 MPG before the car was "overhauled", we now get 18.

It Is going to cost me over 500 USD to get just the lifts and Power steering return line fixed!!!!! according to the estimate they gave me! THIS IS NOT RIGHT!!!!!!!

I must well get this out of my chest too. The car has been in the dealership several times (for the overhaul and 3 more times to have the milage and the other mentioned issues checked; NOT ONCE have they washed the car like I see they do for others!

PS. The mechanic was brought in, he told me the hood did not stay open when he first got the car, I asked them to look at the video of when I first brought the car in BUT they did not seem to be interested!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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