Chicago, Illinois

I wanted to buy a used Toyota Corolla from them. The asking price was $11,900.

First of all they are so cheap *** that they don't want to negotiate the price even by a dollar. But that's fine I think the price they were asking was quite reasonable. It's all good. However beware of these cheaters they are really *** Now I want to share my first time experience with these cheaters.

So, we test drove the car and we liked it. Now when we asked for the final drive out price they said the car drive out price with tax and title everything is $13,990. Ok that's fine. And they said your monthly payment will be $202 with $5600 down which we told them that this is what we gonna put down.

Now people I don't know were the heck they to their *** math. It is so simple to see how big liar and cheaters they are you guys do this simple math by yourself please. You time 202 with 60 months it equals to $12120 and to this amount add $5600 that was the down payment that we offered. So adding $12120+$5600= $17720.

So this is their really *** face. Selling me $13990 car in $17720, but I was really Lucky that I didn't get this car and was not happy with the monthly payment the had offered. So I asked him to calculate the monthly payment with out down payment and this is what this *** came up with $311. you time this by 60months.

You get $18660. So again he was selling me $13990 car in $18660. People I am really sorry for my use of language in this review, but I am really pissed off at them please don't trust them and don't go to them.

I will give them 0/10 points because they are cheater and liar, and very unfriendly if you don't buy their car. The manager is the really ***,

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Um. It's called paying interest on a loan Sherlock!


Just bought a new 2013 Camry at this dealership. They were easy to work with and I couldn't be more happy.

This is my 4th purchase from them.


They were charging you 15.6% interest on the $8390 over 5 years. You will not find a dealer who will sell you a used car for 0% interest on any loan amount. Talk to your bank to get a lower percentage rate, or simply buy a car that you can afford without borrowing any money.